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Ceremonies by Maryland Wedding Officiant Heather Saul Rathbone

Ordained minister, Heather Saul will officiate non-denominational wedding ceremonies customized to meet your individual needs. Servicing any location in the state of Maryland, Heather shows attention to detail in all aspects of wedding planning. With a culinary background in fine dining, Heather aims to provide 5-star service by composing original material and offering a variety options and flexibility in the ceremony format.

Heather's beliefs:
Heather has been called to devote her life to be of service of humanity. Heather has chosen to manifest this calling in the form of a legal spiritual Ministry. She recognizes that each individual follows their own path to spiritual awakening and, as a member and Minister of The Universal Ministries, vows to respect all paths and honor each person's personal journey toward their personal Truth. She further recognizes the diversity of the world and vows to perform her ministerial duties without prejudice of any kind. Heather will do her best to personalize her ceremonies to meet the individual needs of each couple to reflect what it is they appreciate most about each other.

LGBT friendly.

Congratulations to Heather & George!

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